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                                                                        Red Hill Fossil Area

                  Hyner, PA




April 30, 2011

Red Hill Fossil Trip Report

North Bend, Pa

May 30, 2011

Red Hill is a road cut that exposes late Devonian mudstone and is world-famous for many unique amphibians and fish, and plant material is abundant.   The site is controlled by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences and managed by Doug Rowe.   Four of us, Karissa, Bob, Joe and Tom, started collecting about 10am.  Karissa and Bob had previously freed a rather large boulder and spent much of the day taking it apart layer by layer.  Joe and I collected at various locations along the cut.  Doug was helpful in describing the features of the site, and showing where to search and what to look for.   Midday Doug showed us the museum/lab in North Bend and for me this was the most interesting part of the day as many specimens collected over the years are nicely displayed there.   We collected until mid-afternoon, but I’m not sure any exciting specimens were found.   I know I didn’t find any, though I think Joe ‘donated’ an insect to the Academy.

[Tom Pankratz, Vice-President of Fieldtrips]

October 16, 2010, Saturday: Red Hill, Hyner, Clinton Co., PA.  DMS and DVPS members will visit the Red Hill Field Station in the vicinity of North Bend about 30 miles north of Lockhaven, PA.  Red Hill is one of the premier sites in the world in terms of early plant and vertebrate fossil remains.  Fossils found at this site are Devonian in age and include vertebrate (shark, fish, and amphibian) material and plant fossils from Red Hill.  Fossil collection is by hammer and chisel almost exclusively.  For more information go to the Red Hill website

Note: Red Hill site is a VERY steep outcrop along the shoulder of a moderately travelled roadway, and footing is somewhat precarious.  Children must be at least 13 years old and supervised by an adult at all times in order to collect here.  Scientifically significant specimens may be retained by curators for the Academy of Natural Science collection.  Although this is about a 4-hour drive from Wilmington, I personally think it is well worth the drive!  We will meet at Red Hill at 10:30 AM.  Please sign up for the trip by October 13th. 

Fieldtrip Report, April 24, 2010:

On Saturday April 24th, 8 adult and 4 junior members of the DMS visited the world famous Red Hill Devonian Site in North Bend, PA.  Rowe, the Site Manager and our field trip guide, helped everyone locate collecting areas with good potential, and provided pointers on how to collect.

Doug also provided identification for the specimens that were found. Everyone found some nice fish, and plant material from the Duncannon Member of the Catskill Formation, which is of Upper Devonian age (~363-365 million years old) and represents an array of fluvial facies from floodplain to channel deposits, in addition to floodplain paleosols.

The weather was perfect for collecting and everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable time.

[Bob Asreen]


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Here are some photos of the Red Hill site and museum taken by our club members:

The first three are by James Hare. The remaining images were taken by Beth and Rob Simpkins. Enjoy!

Click on image to enlarge:



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