Delaware mineralogical society

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Piedmont Prospector Train Excursion, Wilmington, DE

Geology Tour of Minerals

October 1: Piedmont Prospector aboard the Wilmington & Western Railroad with Sandy Schenck

All seats on the train have been filled. We hope to have nice weather, and a good trip.

    Adult members of The Delaware Mineralogical Society:  $10
    Child members of The Delaware Mineralogical Society when accompanied by an adult:  $5

(Note:  The normal fare is $22/person, but WWRR gave us a discounted price of $15/person if 30 people attend.  The club is subsidizing adults @ $5 ea and children @ $10 ea, which gives us the fares listed above)
For simplicity, I am making the reservation deposit and paying the final full group fare from my own account, so please send your fare to me at:
Tom Pankratz
257 North Star Rd,
Newark, DE 19711

From the WWRR web site:
Explore the geologic history of the Delaware Appalachian Piedmont, which contains rock dating from 440 million back to 1.2 billion years ago. Delaware Geologic Survey scientist William "Sandy" Schenck, P.G., will lead you on a 4-hour round-trip tour up the line and will discuss how these rocks came to be. Several stops will be made along the trip to get up close with geology. You'll even have an opportunity to pan for garnets in the Red Clay Creek! This event is powered by our 1929 railcar, "The Paul Revere."

October 1
12:30 p.m. 
Plan on being at the station about 30 min. before departure (ie., 12 o'clock)
Please visit the WWRR website for additional information, such as food and directons and what to wear.....
One final note:   The primary purpose of this trip is educational;  Sandy Schenck ( Delaware State Geologist)  will talk about the geological formations, rocks, minerals and history of Delaware's Piedmont.   Though we will have opportunity to pan for garnets, and search for sillimanite (Delaware State Mineral) in the Red Clay Creek, this is really not a collecting trip.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,