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                                                    Penn-Maryland Quarry

                                          Fulton Township, PA


June 18, 2011 (Saturday): Penn-MD Quarry, Peach Bottom, PA (noon-?) This is an active quarry that mines chlorite schist of the Wissahickon Formation. The minerals that can be collected here include antigorite, picrolite, lizardite, deweylite, chromite and many others. Hardhats, safety shoes and safety glasses are required Contact Tom by email ( or phone (302 239 0140) to sign up.


May 3, 2008, Saturday (Tentative): Haines & Kibblehouse Penn-Maryland Materials Quarry, Fulton Township, Lancaster County, PA. This quarry is adjacent to the Cedar Hill Quarry and produces similar minerals including antigorite, picrolite, lizardite, deweylite, chromite and many others.  Please sign up by April 30th if you would like to attend!

May 19, 2007, Saturday: Haines & Kibblehouse Penn-Maryland Materials Quarry, Fulton Township, Lancaster County, PA This is our first time as a club into this quarry.  This quarry is adjacent to the Cedar Hill Quarry and produces similar minerals including: antigorite, picrolite, lizardite, deweylite, chromite, iron ore, and bluish common opal, among about 40+ other minerals.   Trip is from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon (revised).

Please sign up by May 16th if you would like to attend!  Note: This is about a 1.5-hour drive from Wilmington.

pictolite.jpg (2238 bytes) Picrolite



Penn-MD Quarry Fieldtrip, 5-19-2007

IMGP3920.JPG (247835 bytes) IMGP3917.JPG (266165 bytes)
Quarry Manager shows us a specimen of Nakauriite from his quarry




IMGP3923.JPG (499641 bytes) IMGP3934.JPG (547734 bytes)
Base of the quarry view


Close-up of green copper mineral and Nakauriite (blue)
IMGP3938.JPG (310601 bytes) IMGP3950.JPG (561574 bytes)
Close-up of layered mineral


Close-up of blue opal coating on serpentine
IMGP3958.JPG (560901 bytes) IMGP4018.JPG (488121 bytes)
Black Chromite seam in serpentine


Ken is about to work a large serpentine boulder
IMGP3998.JPG (521840 bytes) IMGP4001.JPG (467678 bytes)
Bill shows off his large Deweyllite specimen


Close-up of Bill's Deweyllite
IMGP4026.JPG (499750 bytes) IMGP4044.JPG (434098 bytes)
White Magnesite seam in serpentine brecciation


Botryoidal Hydromagnesite vug in serpentine
IMGP4062.JPG (443743 bytes) IMGP4073.JPG (452549 bytes)
Bill works a large boulder with various minerals in it


Alex shows us his find: white Magnesite crystals
IMGP4078.JPG (368330 bytes) IMGP4087.JPG (382725 bytes)
Close-up of Alex's find: Magnesite Karissa holds up her Magnesite find


IMGP4108.JPG (453443 bytes) IMGP4116.JPG (490765 bytes)
Close-up of blue Nakauriite in boulder


Bill, Karissa, Alex and Bob
IMGP4117.JPG (466913 bytes) IMGP4123.JPG (485980 bytes)
Bill, Karissa, Alex, Bob and Ken (left to right) Sign of our gracious host,  the Penn-MD Materials Quarry in Fulton/Peach Bottom, PA


Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club Photos of their fieldtrip

IMGP4118.JPG (379674 bytes)September 6, 2003 Swedish Monument dedication.  Monument was sculpted from material from PA's Penn-Maryland Quarry, and is open to the public to view at the Riverview Beach Park, Pennsville, New Jersey.

Swedish Monument (Page 6, Adobe Acrobat .pdf file)

(Photo by Ken Casey)


IMGP4127.JPG (442594 bytes) Part of inscription:
"Rock Donated by Penn-MD Quarry"




(Photo by Ken Casey)


IMGP4124.JPG (391367 bytes)        IMGP4129.JPG (482790 bytes)IMGP4131.JPG (401632 bytes)        IMGP4126.JPG (395143 bytes)
Close-up photos of monument's stone texture
(Photos by Ken Casey)



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