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Mt. Pleasant (Bart Township), PA Amethyst Trip


Field Collecting Trip (Family & Kid-friendly)
We've been invited back! (Lots of photos on facebook!)
Saturday, March 31, 2018
9 am - 1 pm

The March 31, 2018 trip is CANCELLED

The rescheduled date is Saturday, April 21.

Please respond to me ASAP if you can make this new date.

And also tell me how many are coming with you and if you are available to car pool.
(this invite is going to 57 people with 34 cars..the field is big and could easily accommodate a hundred people…however, parking can accommodate maybe 25 or so cars….we need some car pooling).

I will respond to your email confirming you are on the roster for the rescheduled trip.


 (If the weather looks bad, I'll send an email on Friday, March 30 and postpone for Saturday, April 7th.)

Those who have signed up (and aren't on the waiting list) will get an email with a Liability Waiver. Please print out, sign and give to me at the Fire Station before we go to the site. Family members may all sign a single form.

Please reply to me by email that you are still on for this date. I set a 50 participant limit for this site and the count now stands at 52. I will return a confirmation to you; if you don't get one, please recontact me. I will not open this trip to other clubs until I've heard back from you...hopefully within a week.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Collecting: Most collecting here is by walking and looking, but a garden rake to scratch the surface helps and last Fall digging (with and without screening) produced some great finds.

The site is an open farm field, hopefully freshly plowed with a couple of cleansing rains, followed by nice warm, sunny weather (like last Spring). As this is a specially-arranged fieldtrip on private property, we encourage only visiting the site with DMS at the pre-planned times.

 --Tom Pankratz, V-P of Fieldtrips

From past fieldtrips to this locale:

Everyone had such a great time collecting amethyst, smoky and crystal quartz at the Mt. Pleasant farm site that I’ve arranged a return trip. Part of my reasoning for a ‘quick’ return trip is that once the field is planted in the next week or so, it will be unavailable for collecting for the coming 3 years.

The return trip is scheduled for this coming Saturday, October 21, 2017, 9:00 am until 1:00 or thereabouts.
Several of you (more than a dozen) have already told me you’re interested in a return trip. Please send me an email to confirm you are able to come next Saturday.

If you haven’t already indicated your interest, send me an email to get on the list.
I’ll send the final details for this return trip Thursday evening.

I’ve attached a few photos of last week’s great finds. Mostly we found amethyst, smoky, milky and crystal quartz. The most unique specimens had crystal termination edges that were smoky (or amethyst in one) while the faces were milky or clear. I’m calling these crystals ‘asteric’ because, end on, they look like an asterisk. We also found a few specimens with schorl tourmaline and others with magnetite.

A few days later Ross Elliott and I spent a day mapping the site and we now have a pretty good idea where crystals are to be found (of course, they can be found pretty much anywhere on the site but there are ‘richer’ areas). And, to top things off, the recent hard rains have exposed more. Presently the field is plowed, some or all may be disked by Saturday.

Tam's finds from the March 25, 2017 fieldtrip

Field Collecting Trip
Saturday, March 25, 2017 [As of March 23rd, we are a 'Go' for the trip!]
9 am - 1 pm

After a lengthy search, I finally found this site. I found it yesterday, met with the owner and have permission to collect. The collecting window is fairly short as the site is in a farmed field. Right now the site has a winter cover crop and an additional healthy layer of barn waste. All of this will be plowed in the next week or so and the land will be planted about the end of the second week of April. Hopefully we’ll get some good rains to wash things off for great collecting.

I collected a bit yesterday and got about 2 dozen pieces; mostly clear to milky quartz crystals, some smokey’s and a couple of light amethyst. Given that the ground is 95% covered, this wasn’t too bad. I also bought several much better pieces from the land owner (he doesn’t collect, but does pick things up; in addition to the types I found, he has some really nice amethysts and a small handful of arrowheads). The quartz crystals vary from miniscule to about 1”. I have no doubt there are great plates just beneath the plow zone. However, we will be surface collecting only; well, perhaps some shallow digging like with a hoe.

If you are interested, please get back to me via email at: --Tom Pankratz